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VIS@DOC®  a safer way to issue visas

VIS@DOC is a global IT infrastructure that enables a government to manage visa applications online, regardless of the organization of its consulates around the world.

VIS@DOC provides a multilingual web service allowing visa applicants to dematerialize their application, a multisupport online payment platform, workflow and back office.

All exchanges are made with the highest level of security and and all operations are audited, historized and traced. As an option, VISADOC proposes the materialization of the secured visa by a holographic laminate.

VIS@DOC integrates VIDOC, the leading tool to fight against document fraud



VISADOC eVisa Management System is a modern, comprehensive ICAO-compliant system  that provides travelers  with a quick and secure way to apply for a visa. It can be integrated and deployed to preexisting visa application process and organization such as consulates and outsourcing offices , providing immediate support to immigration officials.


360° offer

VISADOC provides a complete infrastructure that does not require third-party applications to deliver optimal quality of service to governments. It includes IT components, Biometric enrolment station if neede, kiosk and services.

VIS@DOC eVIsa Basic Process

The applicant completes his visa application online and upload the scan of the required documents :


  • Passport
  • Photo
  • other justifications

Last, payment is made online.

A mail and a PDF is sent to the applicant to acknowledge receipt of his request

A real-time background checks and watch-list vetting against national security databases is performed.

Once the applicant information has been processed and crosschecked by the front office, he will receive a notification depending on whether the application was approved or rejected. If the application is approved, an PDF attachment will be sent with the notification that must be shown on departure and on arrival. Airline’s DCS integration is also possible.

Once arrived at destination, several options are possible:

  • Continue the process with a dematerialized visa.
  • Print the visa at a counter or at a self-service kiosk.
  • Perform a biometric enrolment in a dedicated e-visa stand.

All-in-one WebPortal

The system provides travelers with a secure application portal, which can be accessed at any time of day from virtually anywhere in the world via a web browser. This innovative system provides a multitude of benefits for both travelers and governments by providing an alternate method of applying for a visa. Not only does this new, virtual application method save government officials time and money  by decreasing employee workloads and reducing lines at consulates and embassies, but it allows travelers to apply for a visa up to one day before travelling. This timeframe is a massive improvement over the current, erratic method that could leave travelers waiting two months for a visa. There are many different circumstances in which someone may need to travel without an extended notice, and this new system will allow travelers to do so with ease. The e-Visa VISADOC system also provides travelers with an alternate application method if they are unable to mail in or hand deliver their application to the appropriate consulate or embassy.

The eVisa VISADOC Management System utilizes our ARM (Applicant resource Management) secure application portal, which can be accessed from any browser-based system.  This includes, but is not limited to: computers, tablets, smart phones and kiosks conveniently located at consulates, embassies and immigration checkpoints. The system includes real-time background checks and watch-list vetting against national security and INTERPOL databases for all applicants.

The e-VISA VISADOC Management system is also linked to the VIDOC Border Control System which allows to cross-check information provided for the visa application and visitor’s biometrics and travel document.

As an option,

  • Biometric enrolment can be performed at destination in a e-visa dedicated booth to strengthen the security of border controls
  • Physical Visa could be printed and stamped at destination, either in the immigration booth, in a dedicated booth or by a self-service kiosk.

WebPortal Applicant Side

Our VISADOC WEB portal includes a detailed internet information portal for visa applicants wishing to travel to the country of destination. This site contains the necessary information for any visa application and is available in as many languages ​​as required for foreign nationals subject to the visa application requirement.

The website provides a full range of information to visa applicants as follows:

  • Information on the opening and closing hours of the related consulates, as well as the calendar of public holidays;
  • Call Center Number Information
  • Creating of personal account.
  • Forms to fill out online and information on the conditions for filing the visa application and upload service for justifications.
  • Payment gateway included Credit card, PayPal, …
  • Interactive click-to-call service to guarantee the applicant's assistance when accessing our site;
  • Provision of all visa type information, documents to be provided.
  • Satisfaction survey section where the applicant can submit suggestions or complaints, which will enable us to meet applicants' expectations on an ongoing basis and improve the quality of our services
  • Follow-up of the progress of the visa application submitted to the back office service.
  • helpdesk to resolve incidents Information on the rates of our service charges, as well as the price of optional services
  • Information on the conditions of collection of personal data.

Our home page, personalized, easy to use, multilingual and which allows the applicant in one click to access the essential information to his visa application.


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